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How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

How To Promote Your Business On Twitter

How to promote your business on twitter

Twitter is an amazing social media site that provides many opportunities to show your skill in creative and innovative ways. This micro-blogging site does not only entertain you but also has the features to promote your business in exclusive ways. Everyone uses twitter widely including politicians, actors, youngsters, and also media uses twitter in a broad manner. Many business entities use twitter to promote themselves and their services, so why don’t you also use twitter as an online marketing tool. Here we are discussing ways with which you can promote your business on Twitter successfully.

  1. Smart registration

First of all you have to have a twitter account. So sign up on twitter and during registration, you must use the right keywords in your biography. You have to be smart. Most members use various search engines to track down related persons to follow so use search terms you think will be trendy and famous. If you’re targeting SMEs for occurrence include ‘small business’, ‘small businesses’, ‘SMEs’, ‘entrepreneurs’ etc. Similarly if you are after customers or clients in a particular locality include that as a keyword.

  1. Give response to others

It is the best way to make a strong customer base and for getting a nice business revenue. It also shows that you are responsible and people easily trust you and have faith in you. This is the key ingredient of any successful business. And giving response to others gives you a big amount of following and as you know that you are recognized with the number of likes and it is also the parameter of your success and loyalty. Everybody knows that more followers means great social occurrence, more reliability and more ways to promote your business.

Always keep your eye out for particular issues you could help with by scanning tweets or using a twitter search engine. If people identify that you know what you are talking about and you are willing to offer bits of advice for free they are much more likely to do business with you.

Never forget to check the ‘@replies’ section on the right hand side of your twitter page. This lists the members who have tweeted directly at you so you can respond. You could also type your username into a twitter search engine to see whether there are people who you are not following have been talking about you.

  1. Tweet when you are not in the office

Your tweets on a regular basis is key to building a good society. One way to assure this happens even when you are busy doing other things is using a service which sets up pre-scheduled tweets for particular times in the coming time. There are numerous sites which permit you to do it and you select your website as per your choice.

  1. Be human

Adding a soul element to your tweets will make personality around your business and keep away from perceptions of an unknown organisation. And this also attract the more people to your website. More people means more chances to promote your business worldwide.

  1. Ask questions

As well as responding to other people’s questions you should ask some of your own too. You can’t know everything and it will persuade some community interaction. You could also use it to do a bit of market study and ask questions directly related to your profession, business or sector.

  1. Retweet, retweet and more retweet

If you just sign up to twitter you may be confused by the regular use of retweets. This stands for retweeting which is the reposting of particular tweets from other people on your page which you find mostly interesting or useful. It’s worthwhile doing this as it reveals to your followers you are not all about whipping your products or services but you are also eager to share tips and advice. Retweeting may also support a particularly powerful member to start following you. The usual way of retweeting is to type ‘RT’ following by @ and the tweeter’s username.

  1. Follow trends and hashtags

Give a sight on trending topics and hashtags and discover a way to make a appropriate connection to your brand. By putting your business among the trending topics, your grip will be seen when people search tweets regarding that particular hashtag.

Tagging your post with one or two related and trending hashtags has helped to reach new users. Hashtags should be used carefully, as they can be seen as twitter spam, when over used or attach to irrelevant content.

  1. Offer discounts or special deals to twitter followers.

Run twitter contests like, the next 25 people that retweet me will receive a coupon for 50 percent off,’ or have people post pictures of themselves in the store or using the product and do a random drawing. It gives you really a good promotion to your brand.

  1. Use images and videos.

Images and videos drive more than three-fourth traffic to your website. Images, videos and other well-heeled media have verified to receive more views, clicks and shares than plain text tweets. So use images with your tweets to get more response about your product.

  1. Make sure twitter is integrated with your other marketing efforts.

Like other social media platforms, twitter is much more effective when integrated with your other promotion activities. Inversely, by occasionally tweeting out the link to your mailing list, you can also plug your twitter base into your email content.

  1. Use Twitter analytics

Use twitter’s native analytics daily to get a clutch on what’s resonating and what is not with your viewers once you have built it. From this you know about the day when you tweet best and get more followers. It gives you the opportunities to do better and serve better and get nice business revenue.

So these are some ways to promote your business on twitter and open the new ways to success.

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