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How To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Site

How To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Site

How To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Site

Websites are controlled by backlinks and links are very important for every webmaster. With the beginning of Google, SEO started to gain more traction and backlinks became a chief factor of SEO success.

Getting backlinks is very essential for the success of any online company and website holder. And it is little tough to get it but we are telling about the ways to get quality backlinks for your blog and website. These are

Article marketing:

Extensively now article marketing has been the best and most successful way to get quality backlinks to your blog or website, even though this process works there are few things you must think about when trying to get backlinks through article marketing. This is not as great as guest posting and one thing which is very important, do article marketing on significant websites only. For example, if you are a marketing company, you should post content on an article directory which is only targeting marketing niche.

It is very necessary to make effectual use of your anchor text when trying to endorse your website through article marketing because your link is almost worthless if you don’t make effective use of your anchor text.

Another essential thing is that you should assure that you submit most of your articles to trustworthy and quality article directories that are well recognized and have influence in the search engines. It is also important to make effective use of the do follow article directories because many search engines discount links from no follow websites.

So create innovative and interesting articles that attract your audience and you get more backlinks.

  1. Social networking site profile:

This is one great and under-utilized technique from which you can get quality backlinks to your website. Many social bookmarking and networking sites have high page rank and this will run to your account with them, although some of them are no follow we still have some that are do follow. You can easily get a lot of quality backlinks by making use of social bookmarking and networking sites.

Several social bookmarking and networking sites permit you to add links to your website and other sites in your bio, it is very essential not to miscalculate the power of these links but to make effective use of them and get more high quality backlinks.

  1. Press release:

One more great way to get quality backlinks to your blog is by making efficient use of press release websites. If you do it properly, you can get a lot of quality backlinks from press release sites. They are supplying content to a lot of smaller sites and they can easily get selected by news sites which means more exposure and quality backlinks for you. So get connected with press release websites.

When trying to get the best from your press releases you should ensure you have a interesting and attractive title because this will make more people interested in your press release, you should also make sure you have a link to your website in the texture of your content because some people might scratch your content without wanting to give credit to you but this will help you against that.

  1. Link exchange:

As traditional as this may be, it still works in its own way. You have been able to use link exchanges to get rankings for some keywords when you just started on the internet. When trying to get quality backlinks through link exchanges it is very vital to have a separate website where you will be putting other people’s link because this will make you more protected so preventing you from being penalized by the search engines.

  1. Document sharing sites:

An extra great way to get quality backlinks to your site is by submitting your articles and eBooks to text sharing websites. You can do this by accumulating your blog posts as pdf files and by uploading it to file sharing websites so leaving a backlink to your website.

Many people are frightened of using this way but it gives you some high quality backlinks because some sites are trusted by Google and some other search engines and links from most document sharing sites are also do-follow.

  1. Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is the best way to build quality one-way backlinks to your website and different from article marketing. The backlinks built through guest blogging are high quality and authority backlinks because most blogs you will be guest posting for have been reliable by Google over time and they don’t publish copy content.

Several blogs also have high page rank and your article can continue on their homepage for sometimes, if you write a enormous article then you can even get more people to link to it which means more power for the most which in turns transfer to your website.

  1. Blog commenting:

There are many point of views revolving around the web that blog commenting cannot be used to make backlinks, but it is confirmed that blog commenting works for building backlinks.

Although it is not prudent to go and tricky people’s blog trying to get backlinks from comments but you can still use this method to your advantage by writing valuable comments only.

It is too important to know that some comments are very  ineffective for building backlinks and those are comments on no follow blogs, do follow comments is the best and you can get a catalogue of do follow blogs for you to get better your blog commenting.


It is very important to know that all links are not equal and that building quality backlinks can guide to better SEO which in turn means more traffic. If you execute all the above tips then you can get better results and even almost immediate perfection in your search engine rankings. Get something done and rock the world of SEO by high quality backlinks.

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